Design of Smart Power Grid Renewable Energy Systems by Ali Keyhani - Book review

Design of Smart Power Grid Renewable Energy Systems

By: Ali Keyhani

Published: August 2, 2011
Format: Hardcover, 592 pages
ISBN-10: 0470627611
ISBN-13: 978-0470627617
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press

"This book provides the fundamental concepts of power grid and microgrid integration using green energy sources, which is a goal of virtually all nations", writes Director of Green Energy lab, in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Ohio State University, Ali Keyhani, Ph.D., in his important and groundbreaking book Design of Smart Power Grid Renewable Energy Systems. The author describes the importance of integration of electrical power grids and microgrids into a unified model of Electrical Engineering, while providing students and professionals with a problem and solution approach to learning and understanding the key elements of an integrated system.

Ali Keyhani recognizes the critical importance of power grids and renewable energy systems as vital to both present and future energy needs. The author provides an overview of the concepts involved, and offers evidence as to why the issue of power grids and stand alone microgrids must be addressed and solutions found by engineers and policy makers. To guide students and professionals in their understanding and future application of the principles outlined in the book, Ali Keyhani presents an engineering problem, and then provides a mathematical model of the problem along with a simulation. Solutions to various examples are shared with the students to further introduce and amplify understanding of the principles.

Ali Keyhani, Ph.D. (photo left) devises each chapter to conclude with challenging and thought provoking questions that are certain to not only hold the interest of the students, but also to encourage further research and study into this very important and growing field of engineering. The author makes clear that well designed microgrids are critical to the revitalization and modernizing of the electrical power grid. This process of modernizing the system will include green energy sources, power electronics, control and sensor technology, computer technology, and communications systems. The book provides study opportunity, problems, and the essential equations to address each of these elements. With smart power grids and microgrid technology so essential to the twenty-first century energy distribution system, this book provides students and professionals with the tools and understanding necessary to transform the existing power grid into a smart grid.

For me, the power of the book is how Ali Keyhani takes a systems approach to smart grids and microgrids that integrates three areas of electrical engineering:

* Power system engineering
* Power electronics
* Electrical energy conversion

This unique approach revolutionizes the way students, professionals, and policy makers will consider smart grids in an overall systems model. The author provides the basic principles of power grids,and then expands the concepts to include modeling of converters, and the overall design of a smart power grid system. The author also examines microgrid photovoltaic and wind energy systems as they become ever more vital alternative green energy sources.

The problems presented in the book enrich the understanding of the concepts, and offer a wide scope for further research. Readers should understand and that this book is designed for students, professional engineers, power generation and distribution professionals, and policy makers. The book contains many well explained and useful equations, graphics, and tables, that deepen the understanding of the mathematical and scientific elements involved in power grids.

I highly recommend the revolutionary and landmark book Design of Smart Power Grid Renewable Energy Systems by Ali Keyhani, Ph.D., to anyone who is serious about an integrated systems approach to the design and development of smart power grids and microgrids, and an richer understanding of the mathematical basis for the system. This book is a powerful textbook for any students seeking a career in the crucial smart power grid, microgrid technology, and green energy fields.

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