Economic Geology: Principles and Practice - Book review

Economic Geology

Principles and Practice

By: Walter L. Pohl

Published: May 3, 2011
Format: Paperback: 680 pages
ISBN-10: 1444336630
ISBN-13: 978-1444336634
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

"Economic geology defines ore as a natural material (ore rock) from which metals or minerals can be profitably extracted", writes Professor Emeritus of Applied Geology and former Dean of the Faculty of Geosciences at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, Walter L. Pohl, in his comprehensive and science based book Economic Geology: Principles and Practice. The author describes the entire range of mineral deposits, their geological significance, environmental issues related to all phases of a mine's operation, and sustainable mining practices.

Walter Pohl provides a wide spectrum analysis of the Earth's mineral deposits, including their origin and formation, and their scientific and geological attributes. The author shares his insights into the formation of ore deposits through the dynamic actions of the Earth's interior. An understanding ow and where mineral deposits are formed within the Earth forms the basis for the rest of the book, including the economic and environmental aspects of the discipline of geoscience. The author also presents important examinations of the practices involved in extraction of ores and fossil deposits, including the challenges posed by the need for environmental protection and sustainability.

Walter Pohl (photo left) guides earth science students and practicing geologists, and professionals in a all aspects of the related industries, into areas that may be outside of their areas of specialization. The author widens the understanding of the many facets of economic geology from origins to extraction to environmental factors. Walter Pohl divides the book into four major categories, with each category further divided into sections offering further detail on the various aspects of the overall category. The four categories are as follows:

* Metalliferous ore deposits
* Non-metallic minerals and rocks
* The practice of Economic Geology
* Fossil energy raw materials: coal, oil, and gas

For me, the power of the book is how Walter Pohl covers all aspects of the origin of metallic and non-metallic minerals, the full range of practices of economic geology, and the major fossil fuels. The author provides science based information, backed by numerous graphics and photographs to enrich the material presented in each chapter. Walter Pohl offers a strong series of practices for addressing the critical environmental challenges faced by extraction industries, both during the extraction process and in the winding down of operations.

Walter Pohl also shares ideas for sustainable and "green" mining within an overall economic and scientific framework, that examines both economic value and of the overall environment. The holistic approach taken by Walter Pohl gives this book long term value for all areas of geology and geoscience. The author places the incredible array, of the Earth's minerals and ore deposits, into a scientific framework of the most basic and fundamental geological processes.

I highly recommend the landmark text book Economic Geology: Principles and Practice by Walter L. Pohl, to any students, professional geologists and others in the related industries, and anyone interested in mineral ores, and in the environmental aspects of economic geology. This book is especially important is a time of escalating demand for minerals and ores of all types, in a world facing ever increasing population and environmental and sustainability pressures.

Read the all inclusive and valuable book Economic Geology: Principles and Practice by Walter L. Pohl, and discover the importance of a scientific framework to economic geology practice, and its overall relationship to environmental and population pressures, and how sustainability and "green" mining can become effective solutions to these important challenges.

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