From Bedlam to Boardroom by Colleen Aylward - Book review

From Bedlam to Boardroom

How to get a derailed executive career back on track!

By: Colleen Aylward

Published: March 13, 2011
Format: Paperback, 178 pages
ISBN-10: 1456597558
ISBN-13: 978-1456597559
Publisher: CreateSpace

"Employers are hiring people who can solve their company's specific problems quickly - those who have solved those exact problems several times before in different companies and have proof of it", writes executive hiring consultant Colleen Aylward in her no nonsense and very hands on book From Bedlam to Boardroom: How to get a derailed executive career back on track!. The author describes the changes that have taken place in how executives are hired in today's rapidly changing corporate landscape, and shares the strategies and techniques for landing a job despite the current economic conditions.

Colleen Aylward recognizes that all companies face numerous problems and challenges that demand immediate solutions. Those obstacles facing business today are seeking people who can provide the experience and ability to solve those very problems. The author offers advice for establishing oneself as an expert in those corporate challenge areas. The author also demonstrates how the old tactics for landing executive positions no longer work in today's employment market. Colleen Aylward emphasizes that professional recruiters don't find jobs for people, but instead find people for jobs. The author shares the concept of the employment seeker creating a market advantage for themselves.

Colleen Aylward (photo left) understands that the traditional employment seeking tactics, that worked so effectively in the past, are no longer useful in today's hiring environment. The author guides the employment seeker past the now outdated strategies, and through the techniques that are critical to understand and apply to obtain an executive position now. Colleen Aylward presents the modern way to connect with employment opportunities that supersede the previously accepted networking methods. The author also provides strategies for becoming a sought after niche expert who can demonstrate superior results in solving the most critical problems facing corporations today. Colleen Aylward also offers the tools for establishing a strong online presence, and how to utilize that high internet profile, to get a resume read first and a job offer very soon afterwards.

For me, the power of the book is how Colleen Aylward combines the concept of being known for expertise with the practical tools for achieving widespread recognition. The author demonstrates clearly, along with numerous graphics and internet screen captures, how to highlight expertise with credibility and a high profile. The author moves far beyond the standard executive employment seeking techniques and provides the tactics for receiving notice on Google, LinkedIn and other social media. Colleen Aylward shows the reader how to make connections online that result in employment opportunities and job offers. With the rule of the hiring world changed completely, this book is the up to the minute guide needed to ensure that the employment seeker understands and utilizes the most leading edge methods available.

I highly recommend the results oriented and essential employment hunting book From Bedlam to Boardroom: How to get a derailed executive career back on track! by Colleen Aylward, to anyone, whether they are employed at the moment or not, who is serious about finding the right executive position in today's highly competitive hiring market. This book will teach you the newest and most valuable concepts for landing that job you want, while establishing yourself as an expert in your niche area.

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