Grasp The Solution by Chris Griffiths with Melina Costi - Book review

Grasp The Solution

By: Chris Griffiths, Melina Costi

Published: October 19, 2011
Format: Paperback, 290 pages
ISBN-10: 1905493762
ISBN-13: 978-1905493760
Publisher: Proactive Press

"Success is no longer a matter of what we know but how we think", writes CEO of ThinkBuzan, Chris Griffiths, along with Melina Costi, in the provocative and revolutionary book Grasp The Solution. The authors not only describe the critical importance of moving beyond knowledge toward fully embracing creative thinking, but also provides the tools and techniques necessary to transform leaders and their organizations into finders of truly innovative solutions.

Chris Griffiths recognizes that the older ways of solving problems and seeking innovations are no longer effective or sufficient in today's rapidly evolving marketplace. Organizations and leaders who continue to utilize the usual patterns of thought will be left behind in the face of more creative competitors. To meet this crucial challenge to the very relevance of the company, Chris Griffiths introduces a powerful system for not only dispelling the bad habits that have thwarted creativity in many organizations, but also replacing it with a fresh and powerful new way of thinking. The author provides a strategic and real world proven approach to creative thinking, that meets the new business challenges head on, and finds innovative solutions that overcome those most difficult obstacles.

Chris Griffiths and Melina Costi demonstrate that creativity is not simply the latest buzzword bandied about in corporate boardrooms, but is instead, a critical strategy for innovation and competitiveness. The authors present a comprehensive process for integrating creative thinking into every aspect of an organization through the GRASP The Solution (GTS) system. The concept provides the tools for generating better ideas in both quantitative and qualitative terms. With this abundance of ideas in hand, the system helps sort the best ideas and innovations into useful and executable solutions to real problems. The GTS system changes the way people actually think about problems, transforming the older modes of problem solving, into a radically different approach that gets real results.

For me, the power of the book is how Chris Griffiths and Melina Costi combine the theory and concept of creativity with the hands on strategy of the GRASP The Solution (GTS) system. One of the key insights that the book provides is that everyone is capable of previously undreamed of levels of creativity. With this transformational concept in mind, everyone within the company, regardless of their official title or job description, becomes an idea creator and innovator.

The GRASP The Solution (GTS) system is presented in an easy to understand and implement format, practically and pragmatically, to ensure its incorporation into any company culture and organizational DNA. To further enhance and enrich the understanding of the concepts and techniques, the book contains an abundance of illustrative graphics to guide the reader along the creative thinking journey.

I highly recommend the breakthrough generating book Grasp The Solution by Chris Griffiths with Melina Costi, to anyone seeking a refreshing and very workable system for generating creativity within even the most moribund organization. This book will unleash fresh thinking and ideas that will push your company far ahead of the competition.

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