Industrial Evolution: Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future by Lyle Estill

Industrial Evolution

Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future

By: Lyle Estill

Published: June 14, 2011
Format: Paperback, 224 pages
ISBN-10: 0865716749
ISBN-13: 978-0865716742
Publisher: New Society Publishers

"Ants are industrious. People can be industrious. And industry can be a good thing. Ours in an industrious project", writes president and co-founder of Piedmont Biofuels, Lyle Estill, in his thought provoking and inspirational book Industrial Evolution: Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future. The author reclaims the entire concept of industry as one where sustainable processes, a dedicated community, and hard working people can create and develop a future for themselves on their own terms.

Lyle Estill understands that the very concept and idea of industry conjures up images of pollution, waste, lack of concern for people, and corporate greed. With this bad reputation for industry in mind, the author describes how their local bio-fuel project is not one of activism, but rather one of building a sustainable enterprise that benefits an entire community. Lyle Estill provides compelling evidence that industry doesn't have to equate with exploitation of people and destruction of the environment. Instead, industry can evolve and adapt to new challenges, while providing a long term livelihood for people working together as a community, and maintaining the environment for future generations.

Lyle Estill (photo left) recognizes that industry can be successful and represent good stewardship and concern for people at the same time. The author and the other members of his community rejected the idea that successful industry is not compatible with the needs and concerns of people, and that the environment does not have to sacrificed either. Lyle Estill and the members of the community demonstrate that abundance can be found within any community.

The people have successfully reclaimed the appropriated term of industry and reapplied it to their own hard work, perseverance, and dedication to their community. At the same time, the author shares a glimpse into a community based industrial model that might emerge from a post carbon future. The people and the business have adapted successfully to both rapidly changing market conditions, and to a fast evolving energy transformation, while holding onto their community and personal values.

For me, the power of the book is how Lyle Estill combines his philosophy of industry with real world stories of how the community based businesses operated successfully. The author shares stories of triumph and failure, or hard work and determination, all the while honoring the people and their dreams of building their community and their lives. Lyle Estill provides a story of hope in a world where that important quality is rapidly fading into the distance. This is the story of reclaiming lives, community, and the very concept of industry itself. Lyle Estill provides a very compelling and fascinating glimpse into the future post carbon world, and it will be based on industry, adapting to changing conditions, and respect for the dignity and contribution of people within the community.

I highly recommend the fascinating community rebuilding book Industrial Evolution: Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future by Lyle Estill, to anyone seeking a real world examination of how community based industry can revitalize a community while practicing good environmental stewardship. This book shows that there is another path for industry that includes respect people, the community, and the environment that is also successful and profitable.

Read the alternative industry book Industrial Evolution: Local Solutions for a Low Carbon Future by Lyle Estill, and discover that industry doesn't have to mean exploitation, degradation, and greed. It can mean a positive and healthy experience for entrepreneurs, communities and the residents, and for the Earth as well.

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