Innovation in Wind Turbine Design by Peter Jamieson - Book review

Innovation in Wind Turbine Design

By: Peter Jamieson

Published: October 18, 2011
Format: Hardcover, 326 pages
ISBN-10: 0470699817
ISBN-13: 978-0470699812
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

"This book is about innovation in wind turbine design - more specifically about the evaluation of innovation - assessing whether a new concept or system will lead to improved design enhancing performance or reducing cost", writes Principal Engineer, Special Projects Department, Garrad Hassan & Partners Ltd., Edinburgh, Scotland, Peter Jamieson, in his groundbreaking and innovation focused book Innovation in Wind Turbine Design . The author describes the innovations in wind turbine engineering development, and also provides unique insights into the innovative process within the alternative energy field.

Peter Jamieson approaches innovation in wind turbines from an engineering perspective, including design fundamentals, design choice and selection, and the evaluation of the resulting innovative systems. Through an ongoing reference to a state of the art wind turbine design system, the author provides a control base line for the design principles and design evaluation. Along with the innovation process and evaluation, Peter Jamieson describes the engineering principles and design challenges presented within the context of current and proposed advances in wind turbine technology. The book approaches design innovation during the preliminary stages of development, along with the engineering principles crucial to transforming ideas to workable technology for the marketplace.

Peter Jamieson recognizes that any engineering design innovations in wind energy generation technology must face a rigorous evaluation process. Along with using an established system as a base line model, the new model must face a side by side evaluation as a test of quality of design. The new system mus provide some real technological advantage over existing systems, provide the expected power generation performance, and provide a measurable economic impact.

Peter Jamieson provides engineers, turbine designers, students, consultants, industry leaders, and policy makers with the appropriate engineering principles involved in the design innovation process. The various chapters in the book cover the following engineering design factors:

* Rotor aerodynamic theory
* Rotor Aerodynamic Design
* Rotor Structural Interactions
* Upscaling of wind turbine systems
* Drive train design
* Offshore wind turbines
* Technology evaluation
* Various design themes

For me, the power of the book is how Peter Jamieson combines a technical engineering design outline with an overview of a real world innovation and the fundamentals of the design process in action. The book contains the mathematical formulas required for calculating the technological and engineering aspects of the design. These technical chapters are valuable for engineers and designers; as well as students of wind turbine design. For business leaders and policy makers, the book is a complete case study of a real world innovation problem being examined and a solution sought through innovation. The book provides a framework for analysis and evaluation of design solutions utilizing the rigors of the engineering perspective.

I highly recommend the landmark and rigorous book Innovation in Wind Turbine Design by Peter Jamieson, to anyone in engineering, studying in engineering schools, wind turbine design, innovation and evaluation, business leadership, and policy making seeking a strong, engineering principles based book on design and innovation. This book, while containing some advanced mathematics, is also approachable as a guide to developing wind turbine innovations, and for evaluating the resulting designs from an economic and market perspective as well.

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