Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen by Robin Siegerman - Book review

Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen

By: Robin Siegerman

Published: June 15, 2011
Format: Paperback, 172 pages
ISBN-10: 0881445029
ISBN-13: 978-0881445022
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing

"Renovating a kitchen is an emotional business. It is arguably the most important room in the house", writes Registered Interior Designer and award winning Certified Kitchen Designer Robin Siegerman, in her straight talking and advice filled book Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen. The author describes how to plan a kitchen remodeling and renovation project the right way, and shares tips on how to avoid some of the most costly mistakes that await the unprepared person.

Robin Siegerman recognizes that remodeling a kitchen is much more than the design and carpentry involved. Because the kitchen is so central to the house, and to the family who lives in it, Robin Siegerman offers ideas to not only complete a beautiful plan, but to avoid family stress as well. The author guides the homeowner through all of the crucial steps that must be learned and completed to ensure that the renovation project is completed on time, within the assigned budget, and with minimal trauma for the family. This is not a do it yourself book, but is an overall kitchen remodeling planning guide. The author presents an overview of the process to help the homeowner make the right decisions on designers, contractors, and suppliers.

Robin Siegerman (photo left) understands that the key to success in any kitchen renovation project is to plan the entire process before embarking on the journey. Whether the homeowner has remodeled many kitchens in the past, or if this is their first ever endeavor, Robin Siegerman provides advice that works for all sizes of renovation plans.

The author creates a logical system for ensuring that the project is planned properly from the very beginning. She starts at the very beginning by:

* Planning the size and scope that the project will take
* Determining the length of the project and the budget
* Understanding how a design project works
* Hiring the right contractor and designer
* Knowing how to work with and ask the right questions of suppliers
* How to determine the proper order of the work
* How to live through the chaos of the project
* What to do when the work seems done

For me, the power of the book is how Robin Siegerman takes the mystery out of a kitchen renovation project with a combination of no nonsense advice and a touch of good humor. The author covers all of the major aspects of a renovation job as would be expected in a book of this type. More importantly, Robin Siegerman addresses the often overlooked details of the project including how to ask the right questions of suppliers as well as of contractors, how to create an environmentally friendly kitchen, and how to clean up the completed project, and what not to do when the job appears to be completed.

The addition of many before and after photos, and numerous drawings and graphics helps the reader to understand and visualize the process prior to committing the time and money to the project. Overall, this is a must have guide for anyone planning a kitchen renovation, large or small, regardless of the size of the budget.

I highly recommend the very practical and essential book Renovation Bootcamp: Kitchen by Robin Siegerman, to anyone who is considering any type or scale of kitchen renovation project. This book will guide you through the entire process in a logical order, saving you time, money, and personal stress. This book will help you create the kitchen of your dreams on time and on budget, with a minimal number of headaches and unpleasant surprises as well.

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