Million-Dollar Hire by David P. Jones - Book review

Million-Dollar Hire

Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time

By: David P. Jones, Ph.D.

Published: April 5, 2011
Format: Hardcover, 320 pages
ISBN-10: 0470928425
ISBN-13: 978-0470928424
Publisher: Jossey-Bass

"And two things about hiring should grab the attention of any businessperson: a relatively high-volume event (hiring) that produces a relatively high rate of errors - people who fail. These error have a financial consequence", writes organizational psychologist and President of Growth Ventures Inc., David P. Jones, in his eye opening and results focused book Million-Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time. The author describes the critical importance of hiring the right people to the overall success of the company, and how mistakes in hiring have a direct and measurable negative effect on the organization's fortunes.

David Jones recognizes that the people who comprise the company are a critical asset for the business. As a result, the author provides evidence that as much care should be taken in the recruiting and hiring process, as with the acquisition of any other company assets. David Jones shares the real world effects that result from both good hiring, and from adding the wrong people to the payroll. Regardless of the size of the company, or even of the employee salary level, hiring errors are not only a problem with employee relationships, but they also represent a loss of revenue and profit for the company. David Jones offers financial proof to back up his statements, and provides a repeatable and effective system for making the right hiring choices for the company.

David P. Jones (photo left) understands that recruiting and hiring new employees is a process. As a result, that process can be streamlined, made more effective, and more efficient in weeding out weaker applicants, and in creating a pool of best possible hires at any time. In place of guesswork about the value of a good candidate to the organization, the author provides a step by step system, that is both measurable and repeatable, for ensuring that the best job seekers get hired; while the less valuable employees are removed in the pre-screening and screening process. David Jones goes beyond simply screening the available applicants but also offers advice for sourcing and recruiting from an ever larger pool of possible employees, through embracing technology, the internet, and social media.

For me, the power of the book is how David P. Jones demonstrates clearly why hiring the right people is a critical asset for the company, and provides the strategies and tools for ensuring that the best people become part of the organization. The author backs up his concepts with hard data and dollar values that show clearly the real benefit of hiring the top fifteen percent of candidates.

The author also points to the potential problems, both financial and legal, of hiring and being forced to dismiss the wrong people. David Jones shows companies a process to hire the best people, from the largest possible pool of great employees, and then how to ensure that those employees are able to become the top performers in the company. The ideas in the book are easy to understand, and to implement, in any size or type of company.

I highly recommend the very practical and strategy filled book Million-Dollar Hire: Build Your Bottom Line, One Employee at a Time by David P. Jones, to any executives, managers, and business owners who are seeking an effective and quantifiable system for improving their hiring process, while also boosting the company's revenue and profits. This book will remove the often chaotic and haphazard hiring practices that hold back so many companies, and replace it with a repeatable and effective system that will provide great employees and create proven results.

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