The Transformational Entrepreneur by Terry Murray - Book review

The Transformational Entrepreneur

Igniting The Mind, Heart, & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success

By: Terry Murray

Published: March 31, 2011
Format: Paperback, 253 pages
ISBN: 978-0-615-45462-7
Publisher: Performance Transformation, LLC

"This book is an attempt to share the real-world processes of grounded start-up business practice that actually work examined from the perspective of spiritual awareness", writes professional coach and business executive, and Managing Partner of Performance Transformation, LLC, Terry Murray in his insightful and results oriented book The Transformational Entrepreneur: Igniting The Mind, Heart, & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success. The author describes practical business best practices enriched with an examination of the importance of the human element in achieving a thriving and sustainable business.

Terry Murray understands that business practices must be combined with the human spirit to achieve peak performance in any company. The author provides evidence that successful companies of the past combined sound business techniques with a deep recognition of the value of the human element in their organization. Terry Murray points out the crucial aspect of employee engagement within a company, and suggests that engagement is enriched with a a strong spiritual awareness. For the author, this spirituality is reflected in creative thinking, dedication, and the passion so essential in any start-up company. The author demonstrates that very often the missing factor for start-up ventures is spiritual awareness.

Terry Murray (photo left) recognizes that spiritual awareness is the missing, but very critical ingredient in success. The author shares his ideas and proven techniques, for reviving and unleashing the power of that essential spiritual purpose, within the enterprise. Terry Murray provides evidence that the spiritual aware employee is more engaged than other employees. This empowering sense of engagement is transferred the customer as well, creating a fully engaged customer base.

Terry Murray shares his methods for building a successful start-up, engaging employees, and developing engagement in customers through the lens of spiritual awareness. The author offers the following steps to achieve spiritual driven success by demonstrating:

* The power of vision and intention
* Self-awareness and self-assessment
* Intuition and market assessment
* Clarity and communication of mission and vision
* Articulation of goals,objectives, strategies, and tactics
* Creating and sustaining a conscious culture
* Structure and execution

For me, the power of the book is how Terry Murray combines effectively proven traditional business values and methods, with the power and vision of spiritual awareness. Through the addition of spirituality, and the power of the mind and spirit to business start-ups, the author adds a critical new human element to the overall equation. Terry Murray understands that simply following best business practices can't achieve start-up success on their own. The passion and inner conviction that are generated from deep spiritual awareness are the missing factors. The author guides entrepreneurs through the spiritual engagement process, with practical exercises and methods, that raise the intensity of engagement within employees and subsequently within the customers as well.

I highly recommend the visionary and company culture changing book The Transformational Entrepreneur: Igniting The Mind, Heart, & Spirit For Breakthrough Business Success by Terry Murray, to any entrepreneurs seeking that extra and often missing element in their business success. This book provides a complete guide to engaging employees and customers on an entirely different and sustainable level that creates a profitable and lasting company.

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