Your MBA Game Plan, Third Edition by Omari Bouknight & Scott Shrum - Book review

Your MBA Game Plan, Third Edition

Proven Strategies for Getting Into the Top Business Schools

By: Omari Bouknight, Scott Shrum

Published: October 15, 2011
Format: Paperback, 320 pages
ISBN-10: 1601631820
ISBN-13: 978-1601631824
Publisher: Career Press

"Since writing the first edition of this book,we've been in direct contact with hundreds more business school applicants. Many of them still fall short on at least one or two of the goals that an applicant has: to show fit with an MBA program and to stand out versus the competition", write Business Unit Director at Thoratec, Omari Bouknight; and Vice President of Marketing at Veritas Prep, Scott Shrum, their very hands on and results oriented book Your MBA Game Plan, Third Edition: Proven Strategies for Getting Into the Top Business Schools. The authors describe the importance of being the right fit for an MBA program along with standing out from the crowd of hundreds of other applicants, and also provide the tools and strategies for achieving those two intertwined goals as the key to application acceptance.

Omari Bouknight (photo left) and Scott Shrum recognize that applicants to top MBA programs face the dual challenges of fitting the program, and of establishing their uniqueness as people and as students. The authors also acknowledge that since the publication of the earlier editions of their book that the MBA application landscape has changed making the process even more difficult for aspiring students. Not only are there more advice books on the market, but there are more forms of the MBA program as well. These changes magnify the need to both fit the program format and to separate oneself from the pack of applicants. For the authors, failure to receive admission into an MBA program is now deeper than an easy to spot item as in a low GMAT score. Instead, the authors demonstrate that the rejection problem usually is the result of a failure to understand the targets and goals of the MBA programs themselves.

Scott Shrum (photo left) and Omari Bouknight understand that for each MBA school, there is a theoretical perfect applicant, and that each ideal student differs with each type of program. The authors offer advice for strengthening the weak areas in each application to ensure that the strengths are emphasized and the weaknesses are not treated as automatic grounds for rejection. The authors provide the background and importance of each of the components that enter into a student's application.

By understanding these components, and how they are interpreted by the admissions staff, is critical for students. A failure to recognize the significance of each component, as well as the nuances of different answers, can derail an otherwise strong application. The authors describe the process for developing a strategy to put the components together into an attractive whole, and how to ensure uniqueness of the individual as well as being the ideal fit for the goals of the MBA program.

For me, the power of the book is how Omari Bouknight and Scott Shrum provide both a strong theoretical and research based background for their recommendation, and combine those results with the practical tools necessary to achieve successful admission. The authors share some valuable examples of how to write strong admission essays and for creating the ideal resume. At the same time, the authors offer advice for performing well on an admission interview, and for avoiding the most common mistakes that remove a student from consideration for admission. Overall, the book is a powerful guide for achieving successful admission into the MBA program that is right for both the student and for the school itself.

I highly recommend the comprehensive and must have book Your MBA Game Plan, Third Edition: Proven Strategies for Getting Into the Top Business Schools by Omari Bouknight and Scott Shrum, to any student who is considering applying for admittance into any MBA program. This book not only answers the most popular admission questions, but also addresses issues that most aspirants never even knew were crucial in the application process. This book is essential for anyone seeking admission to any MBA program.

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