A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom by Danny Kofke - Book review

A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom

Teach Yourself (and Your Kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money

By: Danny Kofke

Published: September 1, 2011
Format: Paperback, 164 pages
ISBN-10: 1936214458
ISBN-13: 978-1936214457
Publisher: Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing

"We need to think about money more. We need to educate ourselves about finances, our own situation, and how to plan for our future and for our families", writes speaker, special education teacher in Georgia, Danny Kofke, in his very practical and straight talking book A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and Your Kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money. The author describes how to live a life of comparable wealth on a modest income, without sacrificing everything you enjoy in the process.

Danny Kofke recognizes that many people have very little knowledge or information about managing their money. As a result, people very often live from pay day to pay day, and are flat broke most of the time. Danny Kofke points out that even very high earning people, including well known celebrities, find themselves broke. For Danny Kofke, income level has very little, if anything, to do with having money and living well. What matters, is how that money is managed, and how the person thinks about money, and the spending habits that very often lead to empty pockets. Danny Kofke provides advice for painless and even enjoyable ways to save money, while living well, and enjoying life without constant financial worry.

Danny Kofke (photo left) tackles some of the most daunting questions about money head on with easy to understand and readily applicable advice. The author offers the insight that most people who are in financial difficulty either never had the opportunity or the incentive to learn how to handle and manage money. Very often, writes Danny Kofke, that people have some misguided ideas about what money really is, and what money is not in their lives. The author provides an alternative to the mistaken idea that money, or what money can buy, constitutes happiness.

With the misconceptions about the nature of money cleared up, Danny Kofke offers sound advice on the following topics:

* Financial planning and the future
* Educating yourself about money
* Helping your children understand finances
* Financing your children's education
* Getting out of debt and paying off a mortgage
* Saving and investing money
* Living well with little money

For me, the power of the book is how Danny Kofke offers sound, common sense financial advice that doesn't equate to real pain or living like a pauper. Instead, the author shares proven and pragmatic solutions to living the good life without sacrificing the joy of life to money. Indeed, Danny Kofke advises against becoming a dependent of money, and gaining control over the cash and its real function in life. The author covers the most important financial questions that arise within families, and answers them with useful alternatives that save money, time, and remove worry from a person's life.

I highly recommend the handy and very useful book A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and Your Kids) How to Live Wealthy with Little Money by Danny Kofke, to anyone seeking a hands on and realistic book on managing their personal and family finances. With this book in hand, you can live a very happy and successful lifestyle, while spending far less money than you think.

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